Villa Corsi Salviati - Garden. View of a small fountain
Villa Corsi Salviati - Florence Program Campus



I would like to express my appreciation for the help given me by Carol Dickerman, Director of the Office of International Programs at the University of Michigan; by Joan Raducha, Associate Dean of International Studies and Director of International Academic Programs at the University of Wisconsin; and by Kurt Olausen, Assistant Director of the Office of Study Abroad at Duke University.

I would also like to thank the following resident directors and/or professors who taught in the Florence Program and who have aided me, in one way or another, in the compilation of the section "Academic Year Courses Taught". (Their names are given here in chronological order).

Semester / Acad. Year
Graham Smith Fall 1982 Michigan
Robert Rodini Fall 1982/Winter 2000 Wisconsin
Domenico Sella Fall 1983 Wisconsin
Silvano Garofalo Fall 1983, 1994-95 Wisconsin
Ward Bissell Fall 1983, 1990-91 Michigan
Marvin Eisenberg Fall 1983, Fall 1988, Fall 1989, Fall 1990, Fall 1991 Michigan
Haskell Fain Fall 1983 Wisconsin
Frank Casa Winter 1983 / 1996-97 Michigan
Raymond Grew Winter 1983 / 1997-98 Michigan
Christopher Kleinhenz 1984-85 Wisconsin
Donald Hester Winter 1985 Wisconsin
Gail Geiger 1992-93 Wisconsin
Elizabeth Dunn Fall 1993 Michigan
Mignonette Cheng Winter 1994 Michigan
Anselmo Canfora Fall 1998 Michigan
Ken Kollman 2000-01 Michigan
Stefania Buccini 2001-02 Wisconsin
Peter Burian Fall 2002 Duke
Enoch Brater 2003-04 Wisconsin
Ernesto Livorni 2004-05 Wisconsin

I am particularly grateful to my friend Christopher Kleinhenz who examined some old records in the Office of International Programs at the University of Wisconsin in order to ascertain the titles of courses and the name of professors who taught them at the two Villas over a period of four or five years.

My thanks go to Raymond Grew of the University of Michigan for sending me a copy of his 1983 article entitled "Michigan and Wisconsin at Villa Boscobello", and for his permission to publish it here in its entirety.

I am grateful to Mignonette Yin Cheng of the University of Michigan for her permission to reproduce some watercolors of Villa Corsi Salviati from her book Watercolors of Italy (University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1996).

My thanks also go to Beverly Turner of the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (TCAUP) for providing the names of professors from the College who directed the architecture studio at the Florence Program over the years.

Last, but far from being the least, my heartfelt gratitude is for Portia Prebys, President of the American Association of College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI), for confirming the date of the passage of the law by the Italian Government conferring tax-exempt status to the Florence Program.



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