Villa Corsi Salviati. View of  western  façade  (added between 1725-50)
Villa Corsi Salviati - Florence Program Campus


Sample of Guest Lectures*

Lecture Title
Guest Speaker
The Poetry of Michelangelo Glauco Cambon (University of Connecticut) Winter 1982
Paolo Uccello Fresco of John Hawkwood (Giovanni Acuto) Eva Borsook (Florence) Winter 1982
Five Centuries of Death in Siena Samuel Cohn (Brandeis University) Winter 1982
Italian Wines (with tasting) Aaron Millman Winter 1982
Canova Fred Licht (Peggy Guggenheim Collection-Venice) Winter 1983
Italian Political System Giuseppe Mammarella (Stanford University) Winter 1983
Fresco Techniques Sandra Batoni Winter 1983
The Italian Chamber of Deputies Guglielmo Negri (Chamber of Deputies Rome, Univ. of Rome and Syracuse University, Florence) Winter 1983
The Medici Cities Hon. Giorgio Spini (Italian Parliament, University of Florence, [Harvard, Wisconsin and California]) Winter 1983
Scientific Detection and Art Restoration Maurizio Saracini Winter 1983
Ties Between Flemish and Italian Art Marco Chiarini (Director of Galleria Palatina in the Pitti Palace, Florence) Winter 1983
The Tradition of Violin Making in Italy Jack Fry (Wisconsin) Winter 1985
An American Writer Living and Working in Italy Lawrence O'Sullivan Winter 1985
Italian Terrorism Donatella Della Porta (European University Institute, Florence) Winter 1986
Science and Society in the Renaissance Pietro Corsi Winter 1986
History and Images of Palazzo Davanzati Anna Maria Fossi-Todorov (Director Palazzo Davanzati and Head Education Section, Galleria degli Uffizi) Fall 1989
Leonardo Da Vinci and His Museum at Vinci Marco Cianchi (Florence) Fall 1989
Italy in the European Union Roberto D'Alimonte (University of Florence) Fall 1989
Europe: From Common Market to a Common Currency Roberto D'Alimonte (University of Florence) Fall 1992
The Process of Restoring the Sistine Chapel Fabrizio Mancinelli (Director of the Vatican Museums) Fall 1992
The Maastricht Agreement of 1992 Roberto D'Alimonte (University of Florence) Winter 1993
Italy and Italian:An Historical Introduction Ernst Pulgram (Michigan) Fall1994
Historical Introduction to Ravenna Ernst Pulgram (Michigan) Fall1994
Historical Introduction to Ancient Rome Ernst Pulgram (Michigan) Fall1994
The Etruscans Ernst Pulgram (Michigan) Fall1994
Modern Italian Women Writers Martha King (Florence) Fall 1994
The Art of the Vatican James Dennis Fall 1994
Gender and the Sacred Space in the Middle Ages Jane T. Schulenburg Fall 1994
Restoration's Contribution to Art Nina Olsson (Florence) Fall 1994
Medieval Cartography Dino Astengo Winter 1995
Wood, Lapis and Gold: The Craft of Italian Panel Painting Marvin Eisenberg (University of Michigan) Winter 1995
The Controversy Surrounding Some Recent Restorations Nina Olssen (Florence) Winter 1995
The New Italian Cinema Vito Zagarrio (University of Florence and University of Rome III) Winter 1995

*The responibilities of the Resident Director include also that of organizing a calendar of two or three guest lectures every semester. From 1982 to the present the list is too long to be included here. However, a brief sample is offered here for the reader who wants to get an idea of the type of lectures given over the years .

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