Alfonso V of Aragon (also Alfonso I of Naples), 1396-1458, surnamed the Magnanimous, was the King of Aragón and Sicily (1416-1458) and King of Naples (1443-1458). He succeeded his father as King of Aragón in 1416, Alfonso continued the traditional Aragonese policy of Mediterranean expansion.. In 1420 he set out to pacify Sardinia and Sicily and to attack Genovese in Corsica. The Queen of Naples, Giovanna II, sought his help against Louis III of Anjou and adopted him as a son and heir. And in 1421 Alfonso was received as a liberator in Naples; but soon Giovanna began being interested in Louis of Anjou, and Alfonso returned to Catanonia to seek reinforcements. Then Alfonso went back to Italy.. When Giovanna II died she left her kingdom to René d'Anjou. Alfonso soon attempted to conquer the kingdom of Naples, defeated René in 1442, was recognized king by the Pope, and the following year he transferred his court there, where he spent the rest of his life. Alfonso was a great patron of the arts and his court was one of the most splendid in Europe.