Academic Year 2006-07- Directors: Fall, Vincenzo Binetti / Winter, Susan Crowell
06-07 Fall The City as Metaphor: representation of Urban Space in Italian Literature and Film 4 Vincenzo Binetti
Experiencing the City 4 Neal Robinson
Architecture Design Studio 6 Neal Robinson
Florentine Renaissance Art 1469-1539 4 Jody Mariotti
Italy and the Americas (1500-1800) 4 Stefania Buccini
The Enlightenment Self: Life-Writing in Early Modern Italy 4 Stefania Buccini
Florence: Myths (and Some Realities) of a City 4 Roberto Dainotto
In the Beginning there was the Underwear: The Way Young Italians Speak 4 Roberto Dainotto
European Societies 4 Ettore Recchi
First and Second Demester Italian 4e Silvia Sammicheli
Italian: Third and Fourth Semester 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Advanced Italian 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Italian for Architects 2 Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Winter Ceramics of Italy 4 Susan Crowell
Class, Gender and the Making of renaissance Italy 4 Stefanie Siegmund
Religion and the Renaissance: Faith, Culture and Politics, 1350-1650 4 Stefanie Siegmund
Masters and Workshops in Renaissance Florence 4 Jody Mariotti
The Origins and Birth of the Renaissance Style in the Arts 4 Jody Mariotti
Renaissance Architecture 4 Lydia Soo
History of Urban Design 4 Lydia Soo
International Relations in Europe from the Renaissance to the Modern Era 4 Jeremi Suri
Tha Past and the Future of the European Union 4 Jeremi Suri
First and Second semester Italian 4e Silvia Sammicheli
Third and Fourth Semester Italian 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Advanced Italian 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli