Academic Year 2007-08- Director: Patrick Rumble
07-08 Fall History of Italian Cinema 4 Patrick Rumble
Experiencing the City 4 Paola Zellner
Architecture Design Studio 6 Paola Zellner
Florentine Renaissance Art 1469-1539 4 Jody Mariotti
Modern Italian Culture 4 Grazia Menechella
Women in Italy, history, protagonists, trasformations 4 Grazia Menechella
Italy and Western Civilization in the High Middle Ages 4 Joseph Shatzmiller
Jews in Italy: From Antiquity to the Present 4 Joseph Shatzmiller
European Societies 4 Ettore recchi
First and Second Demester Italian 4e Silvia Sammicheli
Italian: Third and Fourth Semester 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Advanced Italian 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Italian for Architects 2 Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Winter 20th-Century Italian Fiction 4 Patrick Rumble
The Anthropology of Italy (and the Mediterranean): An Anthropological Approach 4 Conrad Kottak
Experiencing and Understanding the Culture, with Focus on Italy 4 Conrad Kottak
Florentine Renaissance Art 1469-1539 (2 sections) 4 Jody Mariotti
Gender and Music 4 Naomi Andre
Italian Opera: History, Literature and Florence 4 Naomi Andre
Shakespeare's Italy 4 Enoch Brater
Writing Italy 4 Enoch Brater
Italian Cinema: Masterworks from Neorealism to the Present 4 Stefano Socci
First and Second semester Italian 4e Silvia Sammicheli
Third and Fourth Semester Italian 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Advanced Italian 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli