Academic Year 1986=87 - Resident Director: Victor Miesel
86-87 Fall Florentine Painting and Sculpture of the Early Renaissance 4 Victor Miesel
Machiavelli and Machiavellism 4 Patrick Riley
Principles of State-Building 4 Patrick Riley
Italian Music: 15th-19th Century 4 Anthony Barresi
The Italian Opera 4 Anthony Barresi
Late 15th Century Florence : Painting and Sculpture 4 Marco Chiarini
The Image and Imagination in Medieval Literature: The Vision of the Inner Eye 4 Douglas Kelly
Woman and the Grail in Medieval Literature 4 Dougnas Kelly
Some Aspects of Italian Art (Seminar) 2 Susanna Weber
First and Second Semester Italian 4e Mario Ajazzi Mancini
Winter Modern Italian Painting 4 Victor Miesel
Joyce and Dante 4 Phillip Herring
Henry James, E.M.Forster and D.H. Lawrence 4 Phillip Herring
Modern Italian History 4 Roberto d'Alimonte
Basic Drawing 4 Vincent Castagnacci
Basic Painting 4 Vincent Castagnacci
Comparative Politics 4 Paul McDonough
Political Development and Dependence 4 Paul McDonough
First and Second Semester Italian 4 Mario Ajazzi Mancini