Academic Year 1993-94 - Resident Directors: Fall, Kingsbury Marzolf / Winter, Mignonette Cheng
93-94 Fall The Medieval and Renaissance City 4 R. Thomas Hille
Observational Methods in Architecture 4 R. Thomas Hille
Architecture and Urban Development in Italy 4 Kingsbury Marzolf
Philosophy, Science & Technology in the Renaissance 4 Michael Shank
Galileo Galilei 4 Michael Shank
Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Art in Florence 4 Elizabeth R. Dunn
Michelangelo and Florence 2 Graham Smith
The Lure of Italy: Visitors to Florence 2 Graham Smith
Dante's Divine Comedy 4 Mario Ajazzi-Mancini
First and Second Semester Italian 4e Maddalena Maiorino
Second and Third Semester Italian 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Winter Landscape and Still-Life Painting 4 Mignonette Cheng
Intro to Italian Renaissance Art 4 Victor Miesel
Modern Italian Painting and Sculpture 4 Victor Miesel
Italian Photographs:Images as Cultural Texts 2 Paolo Costantini
History of Restoration 2 Nina Olsson
Sung Italian Music from the 16th and 17th Cent. 4 Karlos Moser
The Drama and Melody of Italian Opera 4 Karlos Moser
Contemporary Italian History 4 Roberto d'Alimonte
19th and 20th Century Italian Literature 4 Susan Scott
Mannerist Portraits of Florentine Women 2 Gabrielle Langdon
Drawing, Observation, Analysis, Approach 4 Gabrielle Langdon
Italian Language 101, 102 4e Maddalena Maiorino
Third and Fourth Semester Italian 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli