Academic Year 1994-95 - Resident Director: Silvano Garofalo
94-95 Fall The Art of Designing Cities 4 Gerald Crane
Studio: Architecture of the City 6 Gerald Crane
Renaissance Art in Florence 4 James Dennis
Italian Painting from Baroque to Recent Past 4 James Dennis
From Leonardo to Fermi 4 William Fry
Intro to Modern Physics and Astrophysics 4 William Fry
Medieval Women 4 Frances McSparran
Chaucer in Italy 4 Frances McSparran
Medieval and Renaissance Heritage in Present-day Italy 4 Silvano Garofalo
Italian Literature in Italian 3 Silvano Garofalo
Italian 101, 102 4e Maddalena Maiorino
Third and Fourth Semester Italian 4e Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Advanced Italian Language 3 Lucreazia Sarcinelli
Winter Art Course 4 Marsha Steinberg
A Study of Visual Arts in Florence and Venice 4 Leslie Hennessey
Italian Medieval and Renaissance Art 4 William Hennessey
Issues of European Cultural Policy 4 William Hennessey
Words and Music in Tuscany and the Italian Opera 4 Steven Dembski
Music from 1000 to 1995: A Survey 4 Steven Dembski
Art and Information in the Italian Renaissance 4 David Woodward
The General History of Cartography 4 David Woodward
Humanism: Affirmation of the Human Spirit 4 Silvano Garofalo
Postwar Italian Society and Politics 4 H. Reiter
First Four Semester of Italian Language 4e Maddalena Maiorino
Advanced Italian Language 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli
Italian Literature in Italian 3 Lucrezia Sarcinelli