12 Giovanni II Bentovoglio, Lord of Bologna. Machiavelli uses the word "parentado", which Marriott translates as "alliance"--a good choice given the context. However, parentado, strictly speaking, means "relationship by marriage", "to become a relative of". In fact part of the alliance agreement between Cesare Borgia and Giovanni Bentivoglio established the future marriage of Costanzo, Giovanni's nephew, with Angela Borgia-Lanzol, sister of Cardinal Pedro Louis Borgia-Lanzol and daughter of Jofré Borgia, that is to say Pope Alexander's granddaughter. The wedding never took place.
Incidentally, it may be noteworthy to add that the word "parentado" is the very same word used in the Rome agreement between the Bentivoglio's and the Borgias of November 23, 1502. Even though the agreement was top secret, Cesare alllowed Machiavelli to read it, and the latter duly reported what he could remember of its content to the Ten (see Legation, letter of Dember 2, 1502, from Imola).