The 10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaner of May 2023

You’ve probably heard of pool cleaners, right? They’re a great way to keep your pool looking beautiful and help keep the bugs out. Autogen Pool Cleaners is an American-based company known for its outstanding customer service. They have been around since 1982, so they know what they’re doing! This automatic pool cleaner is no exception. It does everything for you: it picks up chlorine, dissolved minerals, dead algae, and other unwanted grime from your pool. It also filters harmful pollutants like pesticides, industrial waste, and even kitchen grease. The only thing it doesn’t do is clean the water itself! That’s because it has a sediment trap that traps excess dissolved minerals and bacteria from the water column before dropping them into the filter system. The best part? You can get your lazy pools looking fresh and ready for another day with just one pump of this machine! Read on to learn more about this amazing little device.

Top Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

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