The 10 Best Bug Light Zapper of May 2023

The weather can change quickly in a hill station like this, and the zappers we have access to aren’t always the best. On top of that, some of them can be fairly expensive! That being said, we do our best to keep our costs as affordable as possible. The rest is details…
Wrong way bug lights are one of our most popular fixtures, so much so that we offer a range of different models with varying lighting options. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so what makes a great bug light? Here is a quick look at some of the features you should look out for when buying a bug light:• Waterproof- The more waterproof your bug light, the better it will stay when submerged. If you are thinking about getting one with built-in fountains, make sure it has plenty of drain holes so water doesn’t get into your fixture. An easy way to check if your bug light is waterproof is to unscrew its lid and see if it floats when shaken. If not, pour some water into it and see if it sinks right away or not. You may also want to purchase a new lamp or two just in case the first one broke down.Adjustable height settings- We all know bugs love security! The higher your standards are for safety, the more you will likely find below average quality bugs on the surface – don’t let that problem stop you from getting your trusty bug light! Most

Top Best Bug Light Zapper Reviews

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