Best color to sleep with LED lights of Nov 2022

For many people, the night light color is crucial to possess such a good sleep. If you have no idea about the best LED light colors for your night nap, you will find all the useful information in this article.


LED lights are playing an important role in our daily life due to their convenience and energy-saving features. And do you know that LED lights with proper colors can impact the quality of your sleep? Let’s figure out how LED lights colors are considered so much better than other aspects of the sleep cycle. 

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What color is good for sleep and why?

In contrast to cold-toned, warm colors are what you should look for when it comes to good sleep.  Each color has its own effect on your body, as well as your sleeping quality. We all heard that blue light or other cold-tinged colors are not good for your eyes in the darkness, or for your sleep generally, so it is relatively obvious that the opposite side will be beneficial.

You can choose between red, yellow, or orange because they are closest to the natural sunset’s color range. These tints are helpful to relax you at night, thereby improving the quality of your sleep. 

What types of red-hued sleep LED lights are on the market?  

Although there are not too many types of night LED lights, there are still some options for you to choose from depending on your favorite type.

Plugin LED light

This kind of night light is simple to install with no batteries required, just plug in the wall outlet. Most of the plugin sleep LED lights are equipped with a smart sensor motion. Therefore, the daylight will automatically turn off the light and when bedtime comes, you can relax under the red hue in your bedroom. 

LED light bulb

In case you already have the lamp socket and want to change the current lamp to a Night LED bulb, this option will be ideal. It’s easy enough for even a woman to install the bulb herself.

The LED light bulb will save your electricity consumption every month, making it a very economical option to stick with to use all night long. 

LED strip light

Another type of night LED light is the strip design. With this type, individual LEDs are built along a long strip. It can be used either as a sleep light or an accessory to decorate your house.

LED strip light comes in different colors, usually a spectrum of light. However, the cold-toned hues are not ideal for your sleep. Therefore, you better opt for only a red strip light, which will be more beneficial.  

What to consider when buying the best sleep LED lights?

There are several criteria you should consider when it comes to buying the best sleep LED lights besides just the sunset hue. Based on our following suggestions, you can easily purchase the high-quality sleep LED lights that will be supportive for your every-night-sleep. 


Choosing the most suitable style for the sleep LED lights depending on the space of your bedroom is ideal. There are some lights that might occupy the place of the second plug on the same outlet, making it inconvenient to use several appliances at the same time. Therefore, you should opt for the one with a compact design, it can be a sleeping bulb to replace the recent bulb or a plugin night light.  

Special features (showing image, generating white noise)

A night bulb with more than just the lightning feature will be a little more expensive than the standard counterparts. It can be compiled with other functions, such as showing images (star, animal,…) on the wall or ceiling, generating white noise, which is especially good for a baby’s sleep. 

Our top picks

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. E26 Base Dimmable LED Edison light bulb

This sleep LED light is one of Amazon’s choices and is our first recommendation when you want to lighten your room with a red hue and sleep well. With a circle and compact design, it won’t take the second plug on the outlet. 
With a 30,000 hours lifespan, the Sleep aid red night light from Emagine A can be used for years and only cost you less than 10 cents per month. One more feature that makes this light be your top choice is the sensor motion. The red light will be automatically turned on in the darkness and off at dawn.

#2-Premium Choice

2. TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Light Bulb

This type from Kasa Smart brings night light to a new level. The bulb can be dimmable, therefore it will not work as a sleep light, but also for a romantic dinner or a late-night study. This is very helpful when you want to use this smart LED light for different purposes and suitable for both children and adults. 

The TP-Link Kasa Smart bulb is also compatible with an Alexa device, so you can use it as a smart light bulb, which is controlled by voice or via your smartphone. No batteries required, but this light will need a stable and secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection to lighten it up at night. 


3. JandCase C7 Red LED Bulb

Try this model when you want to not just use it for sleeping, but also decorating your house on special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving.

To relax before going to bed and to have better sleep, you only need one to two of these tiny bulbs. On the other hand, a strip compiled from plenty of JanCase C& Led bulbs will brighten up the whole room with a cozy atmosphere.

With a 30,000 hours lifespan, no flickering or buzzing sound while working, this one should be considered one of the best choices for versatile uses in your house. 


4. A19 LED Light Bulb | Red

If you are on a low budget, you can consider this option. The A19 LED light bulb from Amazon Basics is affordable and still provides you with a warm red tone which helps you improve your sleep quality. 

Due to its humble price and small size, the A19 LED bulb has a little shorter shelf life, with 10,000 hours. Anyway, with this lifespan, you can still use it for almost five years if using it all night long, and up to nine years with only three hours per day.  Therefore, this is still an economical option when it comes to LED night lights. 


4. Sleep-Aid Red Night Light

A product from Sleep Relief will satisfy those who have an interest in elegant products. With a simple rectangle and plastic design, the Sleep-Aid red night light is perfect for both adults’ or babies’ bedrooms thanks to the soft red color.

Similar to our first recommendation, this one is also built in the sensor motion. This feature helps you save electric power because the light will never be turned on in the daylight. 


6. Amber Night Light

Not only the red hue will benefit your sleep, but also the amber color. Therefore, this Amber Night Light from DORESshop is also ideal. No batteries are required and with a slide switch design, everyone can use it with ease. 

You can also dim the light thanks to the dimmable special feature, making it suitable for multiple purposes. 

Try this model when you want to not just use it for sleeping, but also decorating your house on special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving.

To relax before going to bed and to have better sleep, you only need one to two of these tiny bulbs. On the other hand, a strip compiled from plenty of JanCase C& Led bulbs will brighten up the whole room with a cozy atmosphere.

With a 30,000 hours lifespan, no flickering or buzzing sound while working, this one should be considered one of the best choices for versatile uses in your house. 

FAQs about sleep color with LED lights?

What color LED lights should I not sleep with?

Blue, green, purple, brown, or any cold-toned color are long-time bad for your sleep. These colors will block a hormone in your body called melatonin, which is produced to make you fall asleep quicker and lower the chance to be awakened at midnight. 

Therefore, to manage your sleep quality, don’t ever think to buy these LED lights with the aforementioned hues, otherwise, you, especially those having troubles with sleeping will mess up their bodies and toss and turn during the night. 

Can sleep LED lights be turned off?

Most sleep LED bulbs are built in a light sensor operation, or a plug-in style. It can be turned off, but usually doesn’t have an On-Off button. When the darkness comes, the light is automatically on and at dawn, it is at its off status. On the other hand, regarding the plug-in design, your bedroom will be covered with a soft tone from your sleep LED bulb when you put the cord in the wall socket. 

Depending on each kind of sleep LED light produced by different manufacturers, it might have adjustment buttons, such as low and high intensity. Anyway, nobody will disrupt their sleep by waking up at night and turning off the sleep light, right?

Can I use sleep LED lights for everyday usage, but not for sleeping?

The answer should be no, it is not recommended to use sleep LED lights in daylight time. The reason sleep lights are designed to support your sleep at night, therefore, they usually have dim brightness, which is not enough for daytime activities and might pose some risks to your eyes. 

You might not need the help of electric light if your room has enough sunshine, otherwise, you should stick with the fully-bright lamps to serve your daily tasks, such as reading books, cooking, or using computers. 

Is it safe to use strip LED lights on when sleeping?

Well, it will be better to have your strip LED light turned off when you are ready for a night sleep. The reason is the strip LED light is a spectrum of colors, which include both good and bad tones for your sleep. Therefore, despite some certain hues on the strip having a good effect on your body and sleeping cycle, the cold-toned colors are what you should stay away from if you love your sleep. 

The bottom line

So if you haven’t slept with the light on before, we hope that you understand the importance of night light to your sleep after reading this post. In a nutshell, the best night colors which induce sleep are the warm tones. Therefore, you can consider our top picks for sleep LED lights as mentioned above. They are Sleep Aid Red Night Light, TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Light Bulb, JandCase C7 Red LED Bulb, A19 LED Light Bulb | Red, Sleep-Aid Red Night Light, and Amber Night Light which you can easily find on Amazon. Goodbye and have sweet dreams with our night lights suggestions!

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