Best dimmer switches for LED lights of Mar 2023

The top dimmer switches for LED lights suggested below are exactly what you are looking for to turn your tedious dimmable LED lights into something more interesting and intelligent. 


LED lights are becoming more common than ever on the market nowadays, but choosing their proper dimmer switches is usually taken for granted. In this article, you will be enlightened with the best dimmer switches for LED lights that we find the most efficient and affordable, making your LED light bulbs even smarter. Now, let’s check it out!

Top Best dimmer switches for LED lights Reviews

What types of dimmer switches for LED lights?   

So do we need specialized dimmer switches for LED lights? The answer is yes, you do. Since LED lights tend to possess a lower wattage than the standard bulbs, they will only work at their best when being connected with suitable dimmer switches.

On the other hand, dimmer switches for LED lights basically share the same types as traditional light bulbs. Below are the four most typical dimmer switches on the market that can also work on dimmable LED lights in case you choose the right one. 

Single pole dimmer

This is the simplest and classic type of dimmer switch. It is meant to adjust your LED bulbs by a single switch, either on or off. These dimmers will only work on lights controlled from one location. The most common designs are toggle or rocker switches, which are relatively easy to replace or install. 

Three-way or four-way dimmer

This kind of dimmer switch will include three or four terminals respectively. A light with two switches will require a three-way dimmer and three switches will need a four-way counterpart. So with this incredible design, you can control the light from different places, no need to return to the initial switch to turn on or off. Three-way or four-way dimmer switches are usually used in stairway or hallway lights. 

Multi-location dimmer

As the name indicates, multi-location dimmers can work for lights controlled from more than one location. In this multi-location dimmer set up, any device on the circuit can adjust the intensity of the light. This kind of dimmer switch is usually installed in the smart home system, in which owners tend to use both voice control and manual control at the same time.

Plug-in dimmer

Plug-in dimmers are commonly used for table or floor lamps. This kind of dimmer switch works by plugging the light fixture into the power socket of 115-volt, installing the lamp to the dimmer, then you can control the light range manually, via Bluetooth, or any other smart device. 

Remember that you can only use the aforementioned types of dimmer switches for LED lights if they are designed for LED lights, which can be found on its package information.

What should we notice when it comes to the best dimmer switch for your LED lights?

In this section, we will point out some typical and important criteria that will help you buy the best dimmer switches for your LED light bulbs. Let’s take a look at it!

Dimmer rates

Dimmer switch rates come in a variety of models, which are normally 150W, 300W, 600W, and 1000W. The majority wattage of the dimmer switch used is 600W. Before purchasing a dimmer, you should know exactly the wattage requirement of your device and choose the proper dimmer switch so that your LED lights can work stably and efficiently. 

Switch style

There are several switch styles for you to choose from as the wall-decoration. You can opt for a toggle, rocker, rotary, touch, or scene selector design. Each has its own pros and cons and will be suitable depending on your demand or the light fixtures. 


Typically, any LED lights dimmers switch can be DIY installed. However, the fact is that the single-pole one is the easiest one to install, and the more modern it is, the little harder the installation is. Anyway, all dimmer switches come with detailed installation instructions, so it is generally not a hassle at all.

Your budget

Last but not least, your budget will decide if you can buy something or not. Since you will need to install the dimmer switch on plenty of bulbs and lamps in your house, even five or more dimmers can cost you hundreds of bucks. Therefore, consider our suggestions below so that you won’t hurt your wallet but still possess the best LED light dimmer switches. 

Our top-recommended options

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Lutron Diva LED + Dimmer 

This product from Lutron Diva with the Rocker switch style is a fantastic dimmer for LED lights. It is compatible with both single-pole and three-way situations. This Lutron Diva dimmer can perfectly work on LED bulbs and traditional bulbs like halogen or incandescent (up to 150W-LED bulbs and 600W-traditional bulbs). A DIYer can install the Lutron Diva with ease and everything can be done in 15 minutes. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. Lutron Ariadni Toggler LED + Dimmer

Another dimmer from the brand Lutron is Lutron Ariadni. With the basic Toggle switch design, it is compatible with more than 800 kinds of bulbs, both LED lights and traditional light bulbs.

There will be no worries about if this dimmer can replace your recent single-pole or three-way counterpart or not because the DVWCL-153PH-WH dimmer from Lutron Ariadni is perfect for both kinds. The toggle switch style is basic and easy enough for anyone to use it. 


3. Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer

The Leviton option will be much more affordable when it comes to a LED light dimmer. This model will not only work on LED fixtures but also traditional bulbs, such as the incandescent and halogen types.

Leviton also guarantees this dimmer switch up to five years, therefore customers can feel safe if they find something wrong in the using process.


4. Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch with Green Indicator

This one receives various good reviews from Amazon customers. With flawless working, the cloudy bay-designed dimmer is perfect to dim your LED lights. Like most other dimmer types on the market today, this model is also compatible with single-pole and three-way applications, LED bulbs, or traditional lamps. The package comes with the decorative wall plate too, and a one-year warranty. With these features, we believe Cloudy Bay’s dimmer switch can be considered as one of the top picks.


4. BESTTEN Dimmer Light Switch

This will be the most saving option in case you want to buy a bunch of LED light dimmer switches for the entire house. The package comes with 10 items and three years warranty. 

You can make your house much smarter with the equipment from BESTTEN. This option is a good value for this tight budget.  

FAQs about dimmer switches for LED lights

How many LED lights can I put on a dimmer?

Depending on your LED lights dimmer switches rate and you can determine how many LED bulbs you can use within. The fact is the wattage that goes through the 25W-LED light will be much higher indeed, so it is not supposed to let the 600W dimmer switch handle 24 LED bulbs at 25W. The ideal would be allowing 100W to go through each LED fixture, which means the 600W dimmer switch can be shared among six LED lights.

What happens if I use the dimmer switch for standard light on LED lights?

As already mentioned, LED lights require specialized dimmer switches that are designed for this kind of bulb. If you accidentally buy the dimmer switch for other types of light fixtures, such as halogen or incandescent, you can see some abnormal phenomenons. 

The most typical signs which told that you have chosen the wrong dimmer switch for the LED bulbs in your home are the annoying noise from the light, unstable light (flickering), or a short lifespan. 

Are all LED lights dimmable?

The short answer is no, not all LED lights are dimmable, although most of them are dimmable actually. If you expect to adjust the light in your house to your favorite extent and serve specific purposes, dimmable LED bulbs are ideal. However, some others only wish to decorate their houses with basic LED lights and the two modes “ON-OFF” is enough for them. 

How to know if my LED lights are dimmable?

To check if the LED lights you intend to buy can be dimmed or not, you should carefully read the technical information on the products. The one with “Dimmable not recommended” is definitely not what you are looking for. 

One more thing is the symbols and texts that indicate your LED lights are dimmable or not can vary amongst manufacturers. Therefore, you better check as much information as possible on the package or ask the salesman to make sure you buy the right one that can be dimmed. 

The bottom line

In a nutshell, dimmer switches will make your house and your life more interesting with different modes of light. You can have a romantic atmosphere for dinner with your lover under softened light, or an energetic working day with the fully bright LED lights thanks to the dimmer switches. 

To conclude the best dimmer switches for LED lights, our recommendations would be: the Lutron Diva LED + Dimmer, Lutron Ariadni Toggler LED + Dimmer, Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer, Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch with Green Indicator, and BESTTEN Dimmer Light Switch. Depending on your purpose and demand to use, choose the one that you find the most suitable. Good luck with your choice!

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