The 10 Best Electric Garage Heater of December 2022

What you need to know about your garage heat source

Garage heat can be a real pain for homeowners who want to get the most from their garage space. When it’s busy, it can make working in the garage difficult and time-consuming. But with an electric garage heater, you can do your work in style without fear of losing heat. If you have access to an electrical outlet, these heaters are perfect for your needs. You can use any outlet as a heat source since they’re reversible. You can use one end as the heater while the other end is used as a fan that blew warm air into your home. The result is a reliable heating system that’s always ready when you are.

Top Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews

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#1-Top Expert Choice
Electric Heater -...image
Electric Heater - 1500W Space Heater, Wall Mounted Room Heater with Standing Base, Timer, 3 Modes, Energy-saving Quick Heat Electric Space Heater for Basement, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Garage Heater
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#2-Premium Choice
AKUSAKO Garage Heater...image
AKUSAKO Garage Heater with Remote - Digital Fan-forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Electric Control, 12H Timer,240V, Thermostat, Workshop Heaters for Warehouse, Greenhouse, Large Area Wall Heater
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KEN BROWN 7500W...image
KEN BROWN 7500W Digital Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Heater, Electric Garage Heater with Full-Function Remote, Digital Thermostat and 8-Hour Timer for Garage, Shop, Workshop, Warehouse or Storage Area
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Fahrenheat FUH Electric...image
Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage, Factory, Basement, Warehouse, and Outdoor Use, Beige
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Dyna-Glo EG10000DH Dual...image
Dyna-Glo EG10000DH Dual Heat 10,000W Electric Garage Heater, Black
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Dyna-Glo Dual Power...image
Dyna-Glo Dual Power 15,000W Electric Garage Heater, Black
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NewAir Portable Heater...image
NewAir Portable Heater (240V) Portable Electric Garage Heater Heats Up to 800 sq. ft. with 6-Foot Cord Wrap and Carrying Handle | 5600 Watt Portable Electric Shop Heater for Garage and work shop
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Comfort Zone CZ220...image
Comfort Zone CZ220 5000-Watt, 240v Hard Wired Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Dual Knob Controls and Safety Overheat Protection, ETL Compliant, White
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Comfort Zone CZ260ER...image
Comfort Zone CZ260ER 10,000-Watt, 240v Hard-Wired Digital Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Full-Function Remote, Overheat Protection, Digital Thermostat, and 12-Hour Timer, Grey
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Which is better electric or gas garage heater?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific large garages you are considering. From your question, it seems like electric garages might be a safer option than gas-powered heating attachments, but large garages with large amount of space would still benefit from electric heating devices.

Do garage heaters use a lot of electricity?

No, garage heaters do not use a lot of electricity. A garage heater using a vented forced air gas or infrared gas engine can use up to 40% more energy than a forced air or cold gas oven, and require 240 volts power to work.

Can a garage heater be too big?

No, a garage heater will not heat up too much if it is too large. One reason is that the garage heater is trying to heat the space quickly. If the heater is set to heat the space to 300 degrees for example, it would be Glacier GDIs to heat the space to 350 degrees.

How many BTUs do I need to heat a 24x24 garage?

A 24x24 garage will need up to 130,000 Btu per day to reach the temperature desired.

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