The 11 Best French Press Coffee Technique in May 2023

French Press coffee is another of those simple, yet amazingly flavorful, beverages that can be made from almost any cup of coffee. French press coffee is a classic in the world of caffeine drinks, and it’s even more so when you consider that there are several different ways to make it. French press coffee technically doesn’t have any calories or alcohol added to it, but for most people who aren’t careful about what comes into their body, it has someamounts of them. So how do you make the best brew from your favorite cup?
Wrong answer?! One use of this technique is what gives french press coffee its versatility: The right way! Let’s explore why and how you should implement this into your everyday drinking habits.

Top Best French Press Coffee Technique Reviews


Do you Stir French press coffee once it steeps and why?

The French Press has a crevices that allow air and air space to go into the machine so they need to stir to ensure the grounds are soaked. The crevices also give the chance for some water to get on the beans while the French Press is running and this can cause coffee to be dry.

Should you plunge French Press?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Ultimately, it depends on the individual coffee drinkers needs and preferences. If you are looking for a French press that will make his or her coffee drinking experience more efficient and better tasting, a plunging French press is recommended. If you are looking for a coffee maker that can handle more than 1 cup of coffee, a standard pressing French press is more than enough.

How long do you let coffee sit in a French Press before pressing?

A French Press typically takes around 24 minutes to make coffee from a fresh bag. If you are pressing coffee from an artesian or larger water source, allow an additional 24 minutes for the water and beans to reach a boil. Then, well let the coffee steep for 6 minutes.

How do I get my French Press to bloom?

There are a few ways to get your French Press to bloom. One way is to reprocess the press-pot with a higher quality coffee grounds series (e.g., EC, made for French Presses). This may cause the foam to increase. Another way is to use a higher quality coffee filter. When the coffee is ready, pour the water into the press-pot and press the button to select the desired flavor. six to twelve minutes later, the French Press should look like the photo below.
When using a French Press with a high quality coffee filter, the foam may not be so big and it may take less time to create a user-friendly flavor profile.

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