Best LED landscape lights of Mar 2023

LED lights don’t stop at lightening your house but are packed with more advantages than that. Refer to the best LED landscape lights below to aesthetically illuminate your out-of-the-house space but still keep the electric bills in line. 


LED landscape lighting fixtures are becoming more popular as a staple for families with large outdoor spaces, decorative gardens, and yards. These lights will not only boost your home security but also make your house look magnificent when the night falls. 

You have spent all day long at work, so why not turn your house into a more beautiful and brilliant place to enjoy after the sunset when you come back home with the best LED landscape lights? 

What types of LED landscape light?

Understanding the typical types of LED landscape lights will not only improve your knowledge about this kind of outdoor LED lights but also help you choose the right one for your house and garden features. We list out below the most common LED landscape lights that can fit a majority of American houses. You will be enlightened with the characteristics and proper locations where each type of these lights is usually installed. 

Garden (path lights)

The first type of LED landscape light we would like to mention is the garden light, or also known as the path lights. The reason is this type can work both in your garden or along the pathways that lead to the front door of your house. You will need several lights to completely illuminate the whole way or garden. 

Unlike other lights that might have parts of their bodies hidden under the ground, the LED path lights have a visible design that will be on display from the ground to the upper space. These lights are usually longer than other types, and they will provide a delicate brightness to the surrounding and below them.  


The wash LED light is ideal for illuminating walls or facades. It will deliver an even and diffuse light output which is enough to make the wall appear brighter and can be filled with different colors to add more shades to your house. 


LED bullet lights or LED spotlight fixtures are what you need when it comes to lighting special features on the wall, shrubs, or any decorative things in your garden. The light is usually mounted on the ground, then you can comfortably adjust the head to allow its light outcome to reach your needed marks. 

Typically, the LED bullet lights are installed to result in the light that comes from the bottom. However, you can mount the fixtures on the tree to create a moonlight effect either. 


This invisible-mounting LED light is perfect to illuminate trees, shrubs, or some underside flowers with the light coming from below. The LED well light hides its housing in the ground, which enhances its aesthetics. But be sure that the housing fixture that is buried in the ground is made from waterproof material to maintain the light’s lifespan. 


As the name suggests, the LED downlight lights provide your garden features a moonlight effect. Therefore, they are typically hung high on the tree trunks or branches. In this case, you better opt for the high-quality ones because frequently climbing on the tree and replace the lights is definitely not a good idea.


LED floodlights are usually used to light up a large area, such as a stadium, concert, or building. They also work great to illuminate your garden and yard space by mounting on your long and high fence around the house. The greater the beam angle of the LED floodlights are, the wider area the light can reach. 

What to consider when buying LED landscape lights?   

Now you know there are various kinds of LED landscape lights that can contribute to the beauty of your house. So which LED landscape lights you will stick with? Don’t be too hurried, here are a few things you need to consider beforehand.  


Determining where you are going to install those LED landscape lights is crucial to buy the most suitable one for your house. For example, you cannot randomly pick a LED well light to illuminate a decorative thing hung on the top of the tree, or you will not use all the available utilities of LED spotlight fixtures when installing them along the pathway.   

Brightness and color

Another thing you need to look at before purchasing a LED landscape light is choosing the proper and favorite brightness and color. This will help improve the effectiveness of how you use the lights in the outdoor space. Floodlights might require a brighter light outcome to illuminate a large area and boost your home safety, while lights at other locations don’t really need a high lumen measurement. 

In addition, the color of the light outcome is also important to decide what your exterior space looks like. You can choose the LED landscape light with a single color or a multicolor effect to add more hues to your garden features. 

Beam angle

The beam angle decides how wide the light outcome will be. You should check this information on the product specification to make sure it will meet your lighting demand. For instance, if you are about to install some LED floodlights on the fence, you should look for the ones with a wide beam angle so that the light can cover the whole yard. In the case of spotlight lights, you only need to buy the narrow edge instead.

Your budget

LED landscape lights are usually expensive, but the more features they have, the higher their prices are. Therefore, check your budget and determine how much money you will invest in these outdoor light fixtures so that you can look for the right one. 

The expensive LED landscape lights are usually packed with other special functions besides their basic counterparts. It would be best if you can afford a LED landscape light with a high waterproof indicator, solar-powered, and motion sensor.  

Our top picks

Along with the aforementioned considerations when it comes to buying LED landscape lights, we picked out the six best ones to help you ease the selecting process.  

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

The first one that we find the best overall is the LED Solar landscape spotlights from LITOM. It has been bought by more than 20,000 customers on Amazon and almost all of them are satisfied with this lighting product.

The light is packed with many amazing features, which are IP67 waterproof, 120 degrees beam angle, automatic brightness modes, and solar panel for energy saving. It can stick to the ground or mounted on the wall, depending on your purpose. At an affordable price, you can get six items and all the necessary accessories included, save almost 20% when you buy the two-pack option.   

#2-Premium Choice

2. 18 LED Solar Landscape Lights Outdoor 

This LED landscape light is the best colorful option. Buying one light and you will get seven different colors: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, and Purple. The solar panel allows you to charge the light under the sunlight and saves you tons of money on electric bills. In case of rainy seasons without sunlight power, you can use batteries included in the package. So convenient!

With this design, you can easily either set it up on the ground or mount on the wall, no cluttered wire or extra power needed. This option comes with a little higher price, but isn’t it worth it?


3. Moonrays 95557 1-Watt Low Voltage LED Outdoor Landscape

The best compact design LED landscape spotlight will belong to the Moonrays’s light. Thanks to the small size, the Moonrays LED landscape light is easy to install and barely noticeable. Although there is no solar-powered panel included, this lighting fixture only draws up one watt, which keeps your electric bills in line. One special thing that comes with this tiny light is it can reach 100,000 hours lifespan, making it stay with you almost a lifetime. 


4. Solpex LED Path Lights 

If you are looking for an LED landscape light with the best aesthetic light effect, this is the way to go. Solpex offers the LED path lights with a decorative design that creates snowflake-like pattern light outcomes. 

The Solpex LED path lights also feature solar-powered panels, which can save you a lot of money on traditional bulbs. The IP44 waterproof is not really impressive compared to other brands, but it is enough to cope with sunny, rainy, or small snowy days. 


5. SUNVIE 12W Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights with Connectors

This option is ideal if you are looking for an affordable LED landscape with high lumens to brighten up your garden or patio. These 12W bulbs will deliver 900LM brightness without costing you an arm and a leg for electric bills. It is especially improved in the waterproof features (with IP65 indicator), stormy or snowy days will not be the problem at all.

Although the beam angle is only 90 degrees, the light output can still reach more space thanks to the 270-degree adjustable head. The high-quality material will definitely keep the SUNVIE landscape light stay with you in the long term.


6. Landscape Lights ZUCKEO LED Well Lights

Last but not least, the LED well lights manufactured by ZUCKEO will not disappoint you. It is equipped with an IP67 waterproof feature and 30,000 hours lifespan, which makes it last longer under the ground in your garden. The convex lens will deliver the bright and clear light to illuminate the darkest part of the shrubbery or anywhere in your garden. Especially, when you buy the LED landscape light fixture from ZUCKEO, you will receive a 30-day money-back warranty and two years’ free replacement if there is something wrong. 

FAQs about LED landscape lights

Why are LED landscape lights so expensive?

LED landscape lighting fixtures are pricey because they are packed with numerous advanced technologies than traditional light bulbs. You will have to pay more initially, but in the long run, it turns out an economical way generally.

The special features that make LED landscape lights superior to other basic and standard light fixtures, resulting in an expensive price are they are energy-efficient, low maintenance required, and low installation cost due to compact designs with smaller associated transformers and cables. With no filaments included, LED landscape lights are not likely to emit so much heat, which makes them energy-saving and lengthens their lifespans, like up to 15 years or more. Isn’t it great?

How many lumens does LED landscape lighting need?

The lumen measurement for LED landscape lights will be around 120 to 180 lumens, which are equivalent to low-wattage LED lights. Lumens measure the actual brightness of a LED light, and this measurement can vary from a place’s requirement of brightness. Generally, LED landscape lights don’t possess high lumens because the main purpose of these light fixtures is to stylishly illuminate garden space and particular features instead of brightening a whole large area. 

Can installing LED landscape lights be done easily or do I need to hire a pro?

Installing a LED landscape light fixture can be a DIY task. If you are too familiar with building and setting things up, you can easily settle the whole landscape lighting with the help of the manual that came with the package. 

However, in general, installing LED landscape lights doesn’t mean you will work with electricity and lighting because they often come with several lights and incorporate into a whole system. Therefore, to ensure the highest safety and especially to add more lighting effects to your landscape fixtures, you need to hire a professional engineer. Remember that the whole process might cost you a bit, but it’s going to be worth it, right? 

Is LED landscape lighting low maintenance?

Yes, LED landscape lights require low maintenance thanks to many advanced features. The traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs are likely to burn out soon, therefore you will need to change the lights more frequently to avoid burning or breaking. Although the LED landscape counterparts don’t call for regular maintenance, they deserve and need occasional care instead. You should check if there are any fall leaves and other stuff that prevent the lights from normally working once in a while. 


LED landscape lights can be considered as one of the smartest inventions that help you decorate the exterior of your house, making it look like a brilliant castle at night, but still energy efficient. There are plenty of brands available on the market today, so keep in mind the aforementioned factors that are crucial to choosing the best LED landscape lights for your residence’s outdoor design.

The best overall LED landscape light that we highly recommend is: LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights. You can also consider other top recommendations, which are the Solar Landscape Lights Outdoor from ROSHWEY, Moonrays 95557 1-Watt Low Voltage LED Outdoor Landscape, Solpex LED Path Lights, SUNVIE 12W Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights with Connectors, or Landscape Lights ZUCKEO LED Well Lights.


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