Best LED light bulbs consumer reports of Mar 2023

Find out why the best LED light bulbs based on consumer reports below are top-rated by thousands of customers who have great experiences using them. 


If you are about to buy something, there will be nothing more realistic and convincing than the reviews from customers who have used it. When it comes to LED light bulbs, there are plenty of things that need to be researched before you make the purchase. Understanding this problem, we have aggregated from the top reviews of customers all over the world, especially Amazon customers, who have bought and used various kinds of LED light bulbs sold on the market.

In addition, we will also mention the easiest-to-understand buying guides so that every time shopping for LED bulbs will not be a hassle anymore. Now, let’s take a look at how LED lights are ideal for our daily life, then find out the best LED light bulbs amongst the vast options available nowadays.  

Benefits of using LED light bulbs

Have you ever wondered why LED light bulbs are so popular today and are preferred by most people? Here is why: 

Long lifespan

The lifespan of an LED bulb is generally greater multiple times than the traditional counterparts. For instance, an incandescent bulb can only last for one to two years, while you can expect this number to be 10 years with an LED light bulb for average use. This can be explained because there will be no working portions that burn out or break over time, and the glass to make LED bulbs are harder and not fragile, which leads to the long shelf life of LED light bulbs.

Energy efficient

This is one of the primary reasons why people are discarding their incandescent bulbs and replacing them with LED lights. Incandescent bulbs are likely to generate so much heat, that’s why they consume more energy to transmit to heat. 

On the other hand, diode lights are working much cooler and more efficiently than filament light fixtures, so they less emit heat and save your electricity bills. Basically, using LED lighting can save up to 75% to 80% more energy than using standard incandescent bulbs. 

Versatile designs and color options 

Another benefit of using LED light bulbs is you have a variety of choices for sizes and shapes, and for color rendering options. This matter shouldn’t be taken for granted because if the new LED bulb you intend to buy is not available in the size of the recent bulb base at home, you cannot replace it. However, unfortunately, LED lights are designed with versatile shapes and sizes, allowing them to fit almost all old-fashioned or modern light fixtures. 

Additionally, while you can only choose between the white and yellow hue of the traditional bulbs, there are an array of different colors for you to opt for when it comes to LED lights. You will have white, blue, green, red, pink, violet, or many other combinations from these typical shades. Isn’t it great?


As mentioned earlier, LED light bulbs do not emit much heat to the surroundings, which makes them an environment-friendly solution. Moreover, LED lighting also does not contain harsh chemicals, or at least at an allowable quantity, so in case of breaking an LED bulb, there will be no harm to humans or the environment. 

What to look for when buying LED light bulbs?

There are several things you should pay more attention to before buying a LED light bulb. These can also work as the categories for customers to filter and weigh out to choose the LED light fixture that works the best for them.

Color spectrum

So as you know, there are plenty of color options equipped with a LED light bulb. This opens up many ways for you to decorate your room, or lighten a space with a suitable and beautiful light shade. However, keep in mind that the color for bedrooms will differentiate from the LED color from the bathroom or the kitchen. Therefore, you should determine where you are going to install the LED bulbs to choose the best color light outcome. 


Similar to the color option, the brightness of a LED light fixture will vary from each variant, and each purpose will require a distinctive brightness. For instance, you will need a fully bright light outcome to study or work, or generally, for daytime activities. But in the case of LED lights which act as sleep lights for the bedroom, they should be dimmed and softer. 

Dimming compatibility

Most of the LED lights today are dimmable, but not all of them. You should check this information beforehand to make sure that you can dim the light outcome if desired. Normally, the dimmable symbol will be stated in the package of the product, but they are different from each manufacturer. Don’t always look for a standard symbol of a dimmable LED bulb because it can vary, let’s be a flexible customer. 

Your budget 

The more features the LED light bulbs have, the more money you have to pay for them. With the development of technology, LED bulbs are more and more packed with many smart functions. You can turn on, off, or adjust the brightness of the light via apps on smart devices, and even by your voice. If you can afford LED lighting with these incredible highlights, your life would be very convenient and smarter. 

The best LED light bulbs per consumer reports

Below is the list of five LED light bulbs that are top-rated by consumers as the best LED bulbs among many other brands. 

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Cree Lighting TA19- 60W equivalent LED bulb

Cree Lighting has been a renowned brand for a long time, so this LED light bulb from them will not disappoint you. With only 10 watts, this light fixture will save energy but is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. The 3000K light outcome makes it suitable for most indoor activities and won’t have any noticeable flicker.

The CRI (color rendering index) makes the Cree Lighting LED light outstanding from others. 90+ is an impressive number for CRI, which results in a very clear, rich, and natural light outcome. With a reasonable price for a single LED light fixture, you will even receive a 10-year-warranty from Cree. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. AmazonBasics 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight, Non-Dimmable

Another LED bulb that receives the best reviews from customers is the 60W equivalent LED light bulb from AmazonBasics. It has a relatively low price compared to other brands, so the dimmable feature is not included. Those who don’t have desires to dim their LED lights can consider this economical option. 

This bulb has a 15,000 hours lifespan so it can last up to 13 years for an average of three hours of use per day. That means you will only have to pay $1.26 each year for using this light from AmazonBasics. 

About nearly 1000 customers on Amazon have given this product five stars and praised it because all the features are as described. Since the color temperature is 5000K and it is non-dimmable, this light bulb is best for outdoor or public spaces. 


3. Philips LED Flicker-Free Frosted A19 Light Bulb

Philips is no longer strange to any customer due to its high-quality electric appliances. No wonder why the A19 LED light bulb from this brand is also one of the top LED light bulbs by consumer reports. The bulb works with almost all dimmer switches and delivers the warm glow light when being dimmed silently, giving your eyes and ears the most comfortable light and sound.

With over 15,000 hours of lifetime and the flicker-free feature, all your time using this Philips LED bulb is just great. If you only use this light three hours per day, it can stay with you up to 20 years without costing you too much money on electric bills. What an economical and effective lighting solution!


4. GE Relax HD Blunt Tip Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a LED light that emits a soft and relaxing light outcome, this is the one. GE lighting brand offers the Relax HD Blunt Tip Dimmable LED Light Bulbs, which is ideal for gently lightening up cozy spaces like bedrooms or family rooms. Each bulb will only draw up four watts and is equivalent to the 40W incandescent counterpart. 

Accordingly to customers’ reviews, the light outcome from this LED bulb is just as its name, very relaxing and comfortable. It is between white and yellow with an adequate brightness that is hard to describe but just perfect. You can buy and experience yourself now.  


5. SYLVANIA Smart + Wi-Fi Soft White Dimmable BR30 LED Light Bulb

Last but not least, the smartest LED light bulb for those who can afford the latest and intelligent version. With only 8.5 watts, the bulb gives out the light equivalent to the 65W incandescent. The special features are it can be controlled and dimmed via human voice, compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts, but doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit.  

Despite its slightly higher price than the average, this bulb is purchased by thousands of consumers and has received nearly 10,000 five-star reviews. This partially tells you about how amazing the LED light from SYLVANIA is. It might sound complicated to install because of smart and remote controlling, but in fact, customers’ feedback is that it is very quick and easy to sync this LED bulb with all the controllers. 

FAQs about LED light bulbs

Are all LED light bulbs dimmable?

No, it depends. Although almost all LED light bulbs today are dimmable, there are still some bulbs that are not equipped with this feature. Therefore, when you opt for an LED light bulb, you need to check the information on the package to make sure that it can be dimmed or not, depending on your demand.

Again, it is dependable to pick one color which is considered the best for LED light. While incandescent bulbs are likely to bring out the warm and yellow hue, or the white color, LED light is packed with a range of the color spectrum. Therefore, you have various options to stick with a favorite color of light. 

Generally, warm and soft light with a yellow hue will be better for your eyes because it resembles the soft tone of sunlight and filters out the excessive blue light and UV. Therefore, neutral light is perfect for home offices, living rooms, or studying.

On the other hand, an adequate amount of blue LED light will be ideal to relax and give you a better treatment if you have headaches or want to take a short daytime nap. So you need to determine what you are going to do with the LED light bulb and where you will install it to choose the most proper color. 

Are daylight LED bulbs bad for your eyes?

Not really. Daylight LED light is supposed to be the Blue-White and Bright Blue light which ranges at least from 5000K and above. While daylight is ideal for working, cooking, or in large-spaced areas such as supermarkets or offices because you can see everything very clearly, it is actually not good for your eyes in case of direct eye contact. 

That’s why daylight LED bulbs are usually installed in public spaces, over the head with a diffuser to evenly emit the light outcome. Otherwise, if you face-to-face contact with this bright blue light, in the long run, it can damage your eye’s retina and affect sleep quality.  

Are LED bulbs more suitable to be used inside or outside?

LED bulbs are ideal and work both for indoor and outdoor activities. Normally, the inside LED lights and outside counterparts can be interchangeable, however, you will find the specific type of LED light for each purpose because it is designed to do its job well.

Outdoor LED lights which are meant to support daytime activities should be bright enough, waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof because they might have to face various natural phenomenons and are designed to handle them. So if you bring an indoor LED light to use outside, not only the insufficient brightness but the glass might not be thick enough to suffer from the harsh conditions.  

Do LED light bulbs contain any hazardous or heavy metals like Mercury?

No, LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, which acts as one of the important reasons for people to replace their standard bulbs with LED counterparts. A study from the Energy Department has shown that LED light bulbs are less likely to impact the environment than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  

However, it doesn’t mean LED lights don’t include any toxic materials. They do have some iron, copper, nickel, and lead, but with a small and allowable quantity. Therefore, a broken LED fixture doesn’t pose a risk to humans or the surroundings at all.


Now we all understand the importance of LED lights in our daily life. No matter which brand is offering the hottest and best-selling LED bulb on the market, don’t just follow the crowd as there are numerous things you need to consider before buying your best LED light bulb. 

Remember that customers’ reviews are the most realistic things you can rely on, so refer to our top picks above and choose the most suitable one for you. Once again, here are the top five LED light bulbs that have the best reviews from consumers: Cree Lighting TA19- 60W equivalent LED bulb, AmazonBasics 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight, Non-Dimmable, Philips LED Flicker-Free Frosted A19 Light Bulb, GE Relax HD Blunt Tip Dimmable LED Light Bulbs, and SYLVANIA Smart + Wi-Fi Soft White Dimmable BR30 LED Light Bulb.

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