Best LED light bulbs for bathroom of Mar 2023

Every place in your house, including the bathrooms, needs to be lightened when it comes to the dark. With these best LED light bulbs for bathrooms mentioned below, you will not only save your money but also bring the coolest brightness to your restroom. 


Recently, more and more people substitute the standard bulbs in their houses with LED light bulbs due to their amazing features and benefits. They are also ideal for bathrooms, making your bathing or beauty activities much easier. 

On the other hand, since water and electricity are never good accompaniment, you should be even more careful when choosing the electric LED lights to install in your bathrooms. In this article, you will find out the best LED light bulbs for bathrooms and understand why they are highly recommended. 

What types of LED light bulbs for bathrooms?  

A bathroom LED light doesn’t only mean the ceiling lamp. There are actually several places in the bathrooms that need to be lightened or can be decorated with a bulb. Let’s check some typical types of LED light bulbs that are ideal to be installed in the bathroom.

Ceiling LED light

The most common type of bathroom LED lights is the ceiling light. As the name of this type, the light is usually installed in the ceiling of the bathroom so that its brightness can cover the whole room. Unlike the ceiling lamp in the living room, the one which is designed for the bathroom is usually simpler with a basic round or rectangle style. 

LED light bulb

Another popular option for small bathrooms is basic LED light bulbs. These bulbs have a reasonable price, a simple design, and can be installed on the world with ease. 

However, the LED light bulbs are likely to not lighten every nook in your bathroom like the ceiling lamp. That’s why it is more suitable for a bathroom with a humble space. 

Vanity LED light

This kind of LED light will elevate your bathroom to a whole new level. Normally, the vanity LED light works on modern bathrooms which are fully equipped with new appliances. The vanity light is usually mounted on the wall, above or around the vanity mirror, bringing the best convenience for beauty tasks. 

There are several shapes of vanity LED lights for you to choose from. For instance, you can use a bar or tube light if you have a long and big mirror. Otherwise, the globe, shaded, or cage styles can be considered as well. 

What to consider when buying bathroom LED lights?

When shopping for bathroom LED lights, there might be hundreds of questions that pop up to your mind and you are wondering how to know if this light or that light is perfect for your bathroom. Don’t worry, keep in mind the following factors that might affect your purchasing decision, and every time shopping for LED lights will not be a hassle at all. 


As mentioned above, there are some types and styles of LED lights for bathrooms. Choosing the proper style is not only about the interest problems but also about how it is suitable for your bathroom space. 

If the bathroom in your house is large enough and modern, you can use a bigger lamp, which can be used as a light or an ornament fixture when the light is off. In case your bathroom is small, you better opt for the small LED bulbs to save room space. 

Dimmable feature

The dimmable feature can be also considered when you want to buy the bathroom LED light. The reason is you might not need the full bright light at midnight when you want to use the bathroom, but it should be brilliant as daylight at other times. 

Smart technology

If you can afford a high-tech LED light for the bathroom, it would be ideal. Imagine how convenient it is when the bathroom LED lights have a motion sensor or voice control. You can enter the bathroom or approach the vanity and the light is automatically turned on. 

Our top picks

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. SHINESTAR 8-Pack G25 LED Globe Light Bulbs for Bathroom

f you are thinking of replacing the old bulb in your bathroom, this one from SHINESTAR is highly recommended. The G25 LED bulb provides 5000K daylight but only costs you 6w. Therefore, you will be definitely happier when receiving the electricity bill every month. 

The clear and bright light will never flicker, making it perfect for bathrooms. The bulb can last with 30,000 hours lifespan. When buying this bathroom LED light from SHINESTAR, there will be no worries with their three-year customer support service. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. LE Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

With a little higher price, this LED light from Lighting EVER is equipped with many amazing features. It also has an IP54 Waterproof indicator so that you can use it in the bathroom with no fear of water. With the sealed design and special outcome light, the LE Flush mount ceiling light will never attract bugs. 

This product integrates numerous tiny LED lights inside, so no need for extra LED bulbs and your room can still be lightened as daylight. 


3. SOLFART Modern 4 Lights LED Vanity Lights for Bathroom 

This Amazon’s choice can satisfy you with a simple but luxurious design. The vanity LED light from SOLFART delivers 6000K light, but it will not cost you an arm and a leg on the electricity bill. 

The product contains 4 LED lights and will last for about 50,000 hours, so it’s worth the price. Moreover, the modern design and material from stainless steel will shine your bathroom. With these features, the SOLFART Vanity LED light will be more suitable for bathrooms with a big mirror. 


4. 10 inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Another option for bathroom ceiling LED light is definitely this one. The Flush Mount LED light from Hykolity has three levels of light, you can choose among soft white, bright white, or daylight to match specific demands. 

Besides being suitable for bathrooms, it also works in the kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, or basements. The product comes with a five-year warranty, explaining why many customers feel satisfied with this light and it also acts as Amazon’s choice.  


4. BRIVOLART Bathroom Vanity Light 

The vanity LED light from BRIVOLART will bring your bathroom the closest natural light. It has a simple bar design and usually is installed above the bathroom mirror. Although the IP waterproof indicator is not really impressive (just 20), it is enough for you to not be worried about the splashing water if any. Its material is also a plus point because the stainless steel will make it easier to be cleaned. 

FAQs about LED light bulbs for bathrooms?

Is soft light or daylight better for bathrooms?

In short, daylight is a better option when it comes to bathroom light. The light should be clear and bright to lighten the room and make it easier when you take a shower, make-up, shave, or groom. 

Soft light is meant to be a warm-toned light color, such as yellow or pink, which usually appears dull and more suitable for the bedroom instead. Therefore, if you intend to install some LED bulbs in your bathrooms, don’t forget to buy white and bright colors. 

Do bathroom LED lights need to be waterproof?

It depends on the places where you are going to install the LED lights in your bathroom. For example, the lights near the sink or bathtub should have a good IP indicator that will be water-resistant. On the other hand, the ones which are supposed to sit on the ceiling do not need such high IP indicators. 

However, the bathroom environment is generally more humid than the other places, you should opt for the LED lights that are waterproof. Not all LED lights are equipped with the water resistance feature, so read the information carefully before buying some. 

Are all LED light bulbs for bathrooms dimmable?

Not at all. LED lights for bathrooms are just like other kinds of LED lights, some are dimmable and some are not. Depending on your purpose, you can buy the dimmable LED bulbs or not. 

The package of the product will always contain technical information, which will state if you can dim your bathroom LED lights or not. 

Will bathroom LED lights get hot?

Yes, bathroom LED lights still get hot. However, LED lights are likely to emit heat not as much as the standard incandescent bulbs. A lot of people feel unpleasant when their bathrooms get hot by the heat from the lights, especially on summer days, but things are more optimistic when using LED lights. 

Final words

In conclusion, LED lights that are designed for bathrooms are packed with numerous advantages. They will not deliver the natural-like light, making bathing or make-up tasks much easier but also an economical and safe option. With the aforementioned best picks for bathroom LED lights, which are SHINESTAR G25 LED Globe Light Bulbs for Bathroom, LE Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture, SOLFART Modern 4 Lights LED Vanity Lights for Bathroom, 10 inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture, and BRIVOLART Bathroom Vanity Light. We hope you will enjoy every second in your luxurious, smart, and elegant bathroom with our suggestions. 

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