Best LED lights for kitchen ceiling of Mar 2023

The outstanding dishes will be created under the good light in your kitchen. The best LED lights for kitchen ceilings below will allow you to comfortably play with your creativity in the kitchen, resulting in new recipes and delicious food for the whole family. 


LED lights are packed with plenty of advantages over their traditional counterparts, which are incandescent or halogen bulbs. Therefore, they are becoming more popular in our daily life and can be used at any place in your house.

There are several locations in your house that require a good quality of light outcome besides just the living rooms or bedrooms. For instance, your kitchen is also a place that you shouldn’t take for granted. With a good light, everything in the kitchen will be more obvious and vivid, allowing you to make no mistakes while cooking and dishes will look more attractive. Understanding the importance of light in the kitchen, we have researched and found out the top LED lights for kitchen ceilings that are mentioned below. Let’s check it out!

Top Best LED lights for kitchen ceiling Reviews

What types of LED lights for kitchen ceilings?

You might be very confused when standing at a lighting store because there are plenty of LED light types. Regarding to kitchen ceiling LED lights, there are several types as well, so you better grasp some basic understanding about the most typical kinds of LED ceiling lights that are best for kitchens before going to buy them:

Flush mount LED ceiling lights

This is a typical type of ceiling light and especially suitable for a small kitchen with a low ceiling. The flush mount LED ceiling light has a flat base, when being installed on the ceiling, there will be no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Since this kind of LED light is attached to the ceiling, it makes no fear that the light is gonna fall off. You can still stick with this option if your kitchen is big, just choose the bigger flush mount ceiling light with a bigger fixture and brighter bulbs. 

Flush mount light is available in different shapes, which are typically round, square, or utility light with a bar shape, so you can buy the favorite one that looks suitable for your kitchen decor design. 

Semi-flush mount LED ceiling light

The second type of LED ceiling light is the semi-flush mount counterpart. This one will not be stuck directly on the ceiling, but there is a small distance (about 4’’ to 8’’) from the ceiling. The lights are likely to go down a little, making changing the lamp easier. 

With this design, semi-flush mount LED lights will be more suitable for kitchens with a higher ceiling because it reduces the big gap between the floor and the ceiling but still makes the room look spacious thanks to the light outcome down and up the ceiling. Normally, semi-flush mount LED ceiling lights also look more aesthetically.

Island LED lighting

In case you have a kitchen island, then the island LED light fixture is perfect. It is specifically designed for kitchen islands. A set of island LED lights usually includes several lamps and work as decorative lights either. They hang relatively low from the ceiling, therefore they will emit direct light over the kitchen island and grab our attention right the first time stepping into the kitchen.  

Buying guides to pick the best LED lights for kitchen ceilings

Now we believe that you basically understand the typical types of LED lights for kitchen ceilings. However, will it be always good to buy the most modern and expensive LED light at a store to install on your kitchen ceiling? The answer is no because there are several key factors that you need to consider when shopping for kitchen LED lights.

The ultimate purpose is those LED light fixtures work efficiently, economically, and generally look great in your kitchen. Don’t worry, below are some features that we find the most important whenever you want to look for the best kitchen ceiling LED lights for your house:

Your kitchen space

This is the key that decides what kind of kitchen ceiling LED light you will buy. The reason is if you have a small kitchen with low ceiling height, you definitely should use a simple-designed, small, and flush-mount LED light that won’t occupy much space in the kitchen. Moreover, this proper choice will even make your narrow kitchen look more spacious and brighter.  

Color and brightness

Another feature that you should consider when buying the most suitable LED lights for kitchen ceilings is the color and brightness of the lamp. As already mentioned, the kitchen light should be white bright and the ideal color temperature is 4000 to 5000K to see everything clearly. If you have a very small kitchen, sticking with a lower lumen-measurement light would be just fine. 


Your budget will eventually decide how many LED lamps and from which brand that you could afford. The more features and smarter the light is, the more expensive it is. Therefore, let’s weigh those factors and see what you really need to have the best choice and don’t waste money. 

Our top picks for kitchen ceiling LED lights

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture

If you are thinking of buying a LED light for your kitchen ceiling, try this fixture. The flush mount ceiling light from Drosbey deserves to be the Amazon’t stop choice because of the reasonable price but wonderful features. The light comes with all the necessary mounting fixtures and the detailed manual that allows you to install it with ease. It doesn’t only work in the kitchen, but in the living room, bedroom, or hallway. 

The Drosbey LED light provides 3200 lumens and 5000K light outcome, which will entirely illuminate your kitchen space. Especially, this product comes with a six-year warranty so you can feel safe when using this item. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. 4FT LED Wraparound Light 40W

For those who expect simple designed ceiling light, this lamp from a Japanese brand Hykolity is ideal. This ceiling light can be easily replaced for the traditional 32W fluorescent fixtures but with the LED bulbs to save your electricity consumption up to 75%. The 4000K light with a long tube shape will brighten the whole room and allow you to create the most delicious dishes in your kitchen. 


3. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

This option has a little higher price, but is totally worth it. The ceiling light from Sunco Lighting is eco-friendly thanks to no mercury material and no UV or IR emission. The sunco’s LED lights are IC rated, meaning there will be no worries about the overheat or fire situations every time you install this light to the ceiling of your kitchen.

The light has a 4000K color temperature, so it will certainly light up your standard or big kitchen. Anyway, for what you have paid, you will receive a seven-year warranty from this manufacturer. Isn’t it great?


4. Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

Another suggestion from Amazon is the Airand LED ceiling light flush mount.  The lamp includes 120 tiny LED lights to emit a 5000K color temperature. Despite the full brightness that this lamp provides, it doesn’t bring an unpleasant glare to your eyes thanks to the soft and comfortable milk white light outcome.

Another thing that makes this Airand LED light a top choice you should consider buying is it has an IP44 waterproof indicator. Therefore, you can use it to install in the bathroom either without worrying about the splashing water can destroy the light. 


5. AntLux 4ft LED Flush Mount Linear Lights

The ceiling light from AntLux will satisfy customers with two options of 6-inch and 8-inch variants. The lights emit 4000K color temperature, creating an ideal light outcome that is never harmful to your eyes. 

The package will include everything you need to install the light with ease, so even if your husband is not at home, you, as a wife can still do it. Compared to the round fixture, this linear-shaped counterpart is more suitable for the larger ceiling because it will occupy more space on the kitchen ceiling. Anyway, you can come back to this brand and buy other lights because they also work perfectly in living rooms, basements, or garages.


6. Ravenna Home Single-Light Flush-Mount Ceiling Light with Frosted Glass Shade

This small light is ideal for kitchens with humble space. With only 11″W x 11″D x 5.3″H dimension, it will be much easier and quicker to install this lamp to the ceiling than the traditional and bulky bulbs.

The frosted glass diffuser will even the light outcome, allowing the light to fully emit a standard kitchen. There will be two color options for the base: the Brown and Brushed Steel so that you can choose the one that suits your kitchen’s design. 
FAQs about LED lights for kitchen ceilings

FAQs about LED lights for kitchen ceilings

What color of LED light is best for kitchens?

A white bright light will be a better option for kitchen LED light. The reason is you are working with sharp things like knives or scissors, and dozens of different seasons and ingredients in the cooking area. Therefore, the light should be bright and clear enough for you to see everything clearly so that there will be no injuries or mistakes inside the kitchen. Even if you choose a very bright light but with a red or green hue, it will not help either. 

If you have a dining table integrated in the kitchen, you can also install a few dimmable overhead lighting fixtures with a warm shade like yellow as decorative lights and make the eating atmosphere cozier. 

Do kitchen LED lights last long?

Yes, basically, all kinds of LED lights have a longer lifespan (normally around a 50,000 hours lifespan) than the standard predecessors, such as incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs. Since the kitchen ceiling LED lights are meant to sit on the ceiling, you will definitely need a ladder, which is usually bulky and pretty dangerous.  

When you have a ceiling LED lamp that lasts longer, you can save time and money that you used to spend on changing old light too frequently like before. Isn’t it greater?

How bright should the LED lights in kitchens be?

As already mentioned, you should equip your kitchen with bright LED light fixtures. The ideal color temperature is from 4000K to 5000K, which means your lights will produce a proper white glow that is brighter and clearer than the yellow tone and dimmer than the cool color. 

Additionally, it is recommended to use a light diffuser to create a softer and even light outcome in your kitchen. At this point, there will be no harm to your eyes at all even if you stay in the kitchen for hours under the 5000K light. 

Are the kitchen ceiling LED lights dimmable?

It depends on the light itself. Not all LED light fixtures can be dimmed, so if you want to stick with a dimmable LED ceiling light for your kitchen, you should check the technical information carefully before making the purchase.

Moreover, some dimmable LED lights can be used with standard dimmer switches, but some not. Therefore, this is also another thing you should inspect when buying a dimmable LED ceiling light.

Are all LED lights for kitchen ceilings flush mount?

Not at all. There are two types of mounts which are flush and semi-flush mounts when it comes to LED ceiling lights. The flush mount is likely to look more sturdy and won’t give you a fear feeling that it would fall. On the other hand, the semi-flush-mount ceiling light is more about a decorative fixture to the ceiling. 

In short, choosing which kind will depend on your favorite indeed. But our advice is you should opt for the flush-mount light if your kitchen’s ceiling is not high enough because a semi-flush-mount counterpart can make this place look trapped and narrow.  

Final words

Besides the amazing materials and ingredients, good light is also a staple in your kitchen. With a sufficient and proper light outcome, you can elevate your kitchen appearance and create hundreds of delicious meals for your family.

Don’t forget that there are several things you need to consider when looking for the best LED lights for kitchen ceilings, and the easiest option is trying our recommendations: Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture, 4FT LED Wraparound Light 40W, Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box, Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount, AntLux 4ft LED Flush Mount Linear Lights, and Ravenna Home Single-Light Flush-Mount Ceiling Light with Frosted Glass Shade. Keep in mind these products, give them a try, and you will see they are “value over price”. 


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