Best LED strip lights for room of Mar 2023

Accompany us and find out the best LED strip lights for any room in your house, elevate your simple house to a new level. 


People are likely to replace all the uneconomical traditional bulbs in their houses with the modern LED counterparts. But LED lights are not just the bulb type, but the strip LED lights become more popular today thanks to their versatile uses. 

In this article, we would like to introduce LED lights with the strip design that we find the best, then you will understand why they deserve to be the top considerations whenever you want to buy one.  

What are the typical purposes of using LED strip lights for rooms?

We usually see the eye-catching LED strip lights twinkling and hanging on the storefront signs on the road, or at a nightclub. However, LED strip lights can be a staple inside your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or any room in your house. Let’s figure out what they can do:

As a sleep light

Surprisingly, LED tape lights can work as a night light, or sleep light in your bedrooms. However, as we already mentioned in another article about the best color to sleep with LED lights, the cold-toned colors such as blue, green, or violet would be the enemy of your sleep. Therefore, when it comes to sleep LED strip lights, you should stick with the single-color strip light that provides warm and soft hues such as red, pink, or yellow. 

Moreover, since sleep light will be on all night long, using LED strip lights will be ideal because this option is energy efficient and won’t cost you too much money on electricity bills. 


LED lights which are produced with the tape design are too familiar with this use. They appear everywhere as a decorative accessory. Besides being used to dressing up the signs or banners on the road, you can turn your own house into something colorful and mysterious under the dim shade with the strip lights.

The LED tape lights can be stuck around the computer screen, your bed, on the edges of the kitchen cabinet, or anywhere else, as long as you want to put more moods to that place or thing.  

Lighten dark draws

LED ribbon light can also lighten the dark draws in your wardrobe or table. It would be weird and complicated to install a fixed lamp inside the closet, however, things change completely when it comes to LED strip lights.  

The sufficient light outcome will not dazzle your eyes, and enough to illuminate the draws. This helps you find somethings quicker, especially useful when you are in a hurry. Plus, the colorful LED lights will also make those drawers look more fun and aesthetically. 

What to consider when buying LED strip lights?

Although there is almost one type of LED tape light, they can vary in numerous features from each manufacturer. Therefore, you still need some keys to consider whenever shopping for this item to make sure that you will buy the best LED strip lights as you want. 

Your purpose

You might need strip lights to brighten your room, or just simply make it look more aesthetically. Therefore, the criteria when purchasing LED tape lights will vary depending on your using purpose.

For example, you should buy the higher-quality LED strip lights with a good performance of light outcome so that it will not have any bad effect to your eyes. Or if you want to illuminate your vanity mirror in the bathroom, you better opt for the waterproof LED strip lights. Nobody understands what you actually need than yourself, therefore, always carefully consider before making the purchase to have the best LED strip lights. 

Color and temperature

The LED strip lights come in numerous colors, normally single-color (typically red, pink, yellow, or blue) and multi-color which gathers a spectrum of different hues in a single strip. Choose your favorite color, or the one which is suitable for the place you intend to stick the strip lights on. 

Additionally, the emitted heat from these LED lights will also be something you should consider. The reason is if you install too many strips around your computer, for instance, the high-temperature source is definitely not good to be next to electrical devices. 


The length of the LED strip lights is not really a big problem, but it will be more convenient if you measure the location that you will stick the light on, then buy the one with the proper length. You will not need to cut or join the separated tapes together if you already have one that fits somewhere perfectly.


This is the era of technology and you can find a lot of brands providing LED strip lights with modern operations. Besides the traditional strip lights with standard switch and plug, you can choose from many other types than can connect to smart devices. 

With this smart connection, you can turn on, off, or adjust the brightness of the LED strip lights via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, apps, remote control, music, or even your own voice. Isn’t it amazing? 

Electric consumption

Generally, LED strip lights are energy-saving. It is absolutely more economical than the standard incandescent bulbs. This will not be your concern if you only have several tapes in your house. However, when there are hundreds of LED strip lights around the house (if you run a business for example), you should certainly look for the less electricity-consuming brands to save money.

Our top picks

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft RGB Light Strip

The LED strip lights from Govee should be considered as the best option overall. The package comes with two rolls, which can be stretched to 65.6ft. With 600 LED lights on the tape, this item provides enough length and brightness to your room with the basic RGB hues. 
The light can be controlled by a remote control which can help you turn on or off the LED strip light, adjust the brightness, and change the color without forcing you to leave your comfortable sofa or bed.  

#2-Premium Choice

2. ViLSOM 40FT LED Strip Lights 

The second option for LED strip lights comes from ViLSOM, which has a more reasonable price. It is a single 40 ft strip that can be controlled via a downloaded app from the same brand company. The notable thing is the ViLSOM LED strip lights can “dance” following the beat of any song, so now you can have some fun with your friends at any place in the house. 
With more than 350 LED lights, it is suitable to illuminate different places, such as your bedroom, kitchen, stairs, or windows. There are also six fixing clips and screws, with a detailed manual come in the light package, so everyone can install it without troubles. 


3. Cozylady Alexa LED Strip Lights 65.6FT 

Cozylady LED strip lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Home system, therefore, you can easily connect these devices together and control the light by your voice. The tape is long enough for a standard room, with 65.6 ft to encircle the whole room. 
Since this variant from Cozylady is multi-color, it shouldn’t be used as the sleep light because some cold tones will not be good for your sleep. However, on the other hand, it is great to decorate or lighten up other places in your house. This smart friend will make your house more than just the home of every member.  


4. MINGER LED Strip Lights 16.4ft

You will be satisfied with the LED strip lights from MINGER too as almost 100,000 customers on Amazon. This light comes with RGB and other 16 multicolored options for you to comfortably choose the suitable mode for your room via the IR remote control.
It uses less energy compared to the traditional bulbs despite featuring 150 LED lights along the strip. The only minus point is its length is only 16.4 ft, so to cover the whole room, you should buy several ones. It is not equipped with the waterproof feature either, so better use it outside the bathroom, on a dry place. 


5. Nexillumi 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom

As one of Amazon’s choices, Nexillumi offers the LED strip lights with an affordable price but same features like most of the high-quality counterparts. It can also be controlled via mobile phone app and IR remote, “dance” to the music beat, and dimmable. The Nexillumi LED lights are packed with multiple colors for you to choose from depending on where you are going to stick the light on. 


6. Ehomful LED Strip Lights 100 Feet

Last but not least, the smart LED strip light from Ehomeful is what you should put on your list when you are about to buy a strip light. The package of three rolls will be more economical because of the 100 ft total in length. 
You can control the brightness and colors via mobile app, remote, and controller. What you need is a flat, clean, and dry surface, and this tape light with a strong adhesive will never fall off. Everything you need to install or use this LED lights is packed in the box, so this is definitely a DIY option. 

FAQs about LED strip lights

Are LED strips enough to light a room?

Sure, LED strip lights can illuminate a room. However, in fact, to lighten the entire room instead of some specific places, you will need plenty of LED strips. Moreover, the tip is you can stick those strip lights on the ceiling, so the light can cover much more space than being in other positions. 

On the other hand, it would be pretty weird to stick the LED strip lights in the ceiling, just in case you have a specially designed ceiling that can hide the strips in the edges and make them look more aesthetically. Therefore, consider using LED strip lights to brighten the whole big room.

Are LED strip lights water-resistant?

Not all of them. There are LED tape lights with the water-resistance feature, while other types don’t have it. If you intend to use LED strip lights to decorate the bathroom or lighten the kitchen cabinet, in which it is likely to be humid and have splashing water, you should opt for the waterproof lights. 

In case you just want to illuminate the draws in your wardrobe, you just can stick with the cheaper ones that are not equipped with the non-waterproof function. 

Are all LED strip lights dimmable?

Most of the LED strip lights are dimmable. However, you need to ensure that you have a compatible and proper dimmable LED driver to transform the voltage. Unfortunately, the simple dimmer switch won’t work in this case. Instead, you should use a remote control dimming if you have a simple one-color LED strip, or the low voltage wall dimmer. 

Can I merge several LED strips or cut them apart?

Yes, you can cut or integrate numerous LED tapes together. In case the length of the LED strip is not suitable for the place you intend to stick it in, you cut the strip down to the desired length. Now you will have two working tapes on hand.

So how do these separated LED strips work? In this case, you need proper strip light connectors to bring these lights to work again. There will be different kinds of strip connectors so you should choose it carefully to ensure that you won’t buy the wrong one. For example, keep in mind that there will be single-color or multi-color LED strip lighting connectors that come with different sizes. 

When everything is available, the connecting process is pretty simple. Just put two ends of the tape light to the connector, lock it and your light is working as initial.  

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

No, LED strip lights won’t raise your electricity bill, so don’t worry if there are numerous light tapes in your house. Compared to standard incandescent bulbs with the same light output, LED strip lights are likely to save you up to 85% electricity consumption. So even the LED strip lights’ price might be a little higher than the traditional bulbs, they will save you even more money during the using time. 

The bottom line

In conclusion, LED strip lights act as a versatile lighting device in different rooms in the entire house. If you use this light type properly, it will not be an energy-saving option that reduces a lot of money on the electricity bill every month but also decorates your room with beautiful shades. Keep in mind the following recommendations to buy the best LED strip lights for rooms: Govee LED Strip Lights, ViLSOM 40FT LED Strip Lights, Cozylady Alexa LED Strip Lights 65.6FT, MINGER LED Strip Lights 16.4ft, Nexillumi 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom, and Ehomful LED Strip Lights 100 Feet.

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