Best outdoor LED flood light fixtures of Mar 2023

When it comes to outdoor lights, they should be packed with many specialized features to cope with numerous harsh conditions. Check out the best outdoor LED flood light fixtures below that are outstanding from a variety of different LED brands. 


LED lights are ideal and packed with many benefits that are beyond compared to the traditional counterparts. The most common LED light fixtures that we know are the ones installed inside our houses. However, when you want to look for the LED lights with a more generous specification and light outcome to illuminate the whole garden, building, or concert, will these work?

In this case, outdoor LED floodlights are exactly what you need. The floodlights are designed to tolerate severe circumstances in the out-of-the-house world without costing you an arm and a leg for electric bills. Besides understanding the typical benefits of this kind of LED light, knowing what to consider before buying these lighting fixtures will help you pick the best LED flood lights for outdoor illumination in your circumstance. 

What to keep in mind when buying outdoor LED flood light fixtures?

Despite the availability of various LED flood lights on the market, you should weigh the subcategories to choose the most suitable outdoor LED light that serves your purpose. Below are some typical criteria that we find the most useful whenever you want to buy an exterior LED flood light fixture. 


The very first and crucial step before buying the outside LED floodlight is determining where you are going to install it. Will the light be placed on the wall, on the ceiling, or hang over the building? Each of the aforementioned locations will require a slight difference in the features of the outdoor LED flood light, therefore, you need to make sure that you will buy the correct one for that location.


The brightness of a light, which is measured by lumens, is an indicator you should read carefully before buying an outdoor LED floodlight. How bright do you expect the light should be? The answer will also depend on the location and how large the space actually is. 

If you are looking for an exterior LED floodlight for a music concert, you definitely need something extremely bright to illuminate the whole stage and crowd and can add different effects. On the other hand, the LED flood light that is supposed to sit in your garden only requires a medium brightness that is enough to lighten the yard and keep someone with an illegal intention away from your house. 

Beam angle

The beam angle is an indicator that states how wide the light outcome from the LED light fixture will be. The ideal beam angle degree that probably suits most needs is 120 degrees. For a wider or tighter space, you should find the proper beam angle of the outdoor LED flood light so that the light can reach any nook of a place or focus on a particular spot per desired. 

Special features

With the development of technology, there are numerous outer LED floodlights that are equipped with the latest smart functions. The most popular brilliant feature that everyone wishes to have in their outdoor LED flood light fixture is motion sensor detection. This utility is especially important when you want to provide your house, workplace, or any place with great security.   

Our top picks

Here are the best outdoor LED flood lights that we pick from the terrific brands available on the market. 

#1-Top Expert Choice

1. GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor

The GLORIOUS-LITE LED flood light should be considered the best overall outdoor LED light that we highly recommend. The 100W fixture is super bright with 10,000LM light output, making this light ideal for playgrounds, factories, or stadiums in which a lot of lighting is required. 
Compared to other brands that offer the equivalent light outcome, this GLORIOUS-LITE LED floodlight has a more compact design, therefore saving space and easy to install.  The IP66 waterproof, which is much better than the most common IP65 water resistance, allows it to cope with any harsh natural phenomenon. Especially, this item has a reasonable price with these wonderful features, resulting in many good reviews from customers on Amazon. 

#2-Premium Choice

2. Amico 3500LM LED Security Light

The outdoor LED light from Amico will not disappoint you with its amazing features, operation, and reasonable price. This light fixture delivers 3500LM light (5000K color temperature) with only 30 watts. Thereby, you can save up to 80% more electricity consumption than using other traditional counterparts. 
Three adjustable heads design and everything necessary will come in the package, allowing you to easily install the whole fixture. The product was also certified by ETL, which might give you a greater and safer feeling when using it, and is proved by more than 3000 Amazon customers satisfied with five-star reviews.


3. Onforu 50W LED Security Light

With an average price, Onforu offers a LED flood light that is super bright for the outdoors. With three adjustable heads, this lighting fixture will reach a wide range of areas. The center panel is likely to provide more lighting than the other two beside it, so you better put the light on the location that the center one can completely illuminate what you focus on. The special thing is the 5000 lumens brightness outcome from three panels only draws up 50 watts and saves you tons of money on electric bills. 
No matter where you are going to place the Onforu LED floodlights, they can protect themselves from weather conditions, such as under the sunlight or the rain thanks to the high-quality material and IP65 waterproof indicator. With these features and price, no wonder why over 95% of customers who have bought this outdoor LED flood light gave this product three stars and above (80% of them are five-star reviews). 


4. AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb

This is the best budget exterior LED floodlight for those who have a humble financial account for lighting. Since this option only provides 900 lumens of light, it is more suitable for garden or house lighting instead of commercial or entertainment purposes in very large spaces.
Despite the low price, customers stated that the quality is beyond expectation. The four-pack option includes four non-dimmable lights and the two-pack LED fixtures are dimmable, which are compatible with almost all the dimmer switches on the market, so keep your eyes on the variants to choose the right one. 


5. CINOTON 50W LED Flood Light Outdoor

The light from CINOTON is equivalent to 400W incandescent bulbs and will emit 6000 lumens of light, bringing the brightest light to your garden or workshop. It has a 50,000 hours lifespan that can last up to 17 years if you only use it eight hours at night per day. This item also has an IP65 waterproof indicator so that you can comfortably use it in your yard and garden with no need for a covering. 
This brand offers three wattage options, which are 30, 50, and 100W for customers to choose the most suitable one for their locations. 


6. LEPOWER 3000LM LED Flood light Outdoor

The best durable outdoor LED flood light belongs to LEPOWER manufacturer. What makes this light stay with you longer than other brands is it has a 50,000 hours lifespan and full aluminum design to have superior heat dissipation. In addition, like most other exterior LED floodlights, this one has an IP65 waterproof indicator to cope with plenty of severe weather conditions such as rainstorms or snow. 
With a few simple steps, you can easily install the two-head LEPOWER LED flood light and control the on-off status by the wall switch and adjust the panels to your desired angles. 


6. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion

In case you are a wealthy person with a generous amount of money investing in security lights, this option is a way to go. It is not only a floodlight but also a security camera, especially suitable for houses and buildings to improve safety quality. With a lot of special and intelligent functions, this 2-in-1 product from Ring is relatively expensive. The main structure is a camera at the center and two LED lights around it. 
It is compatible with Alexa to deliver 1080HD videos so that you can control your house or any place that has it installed. The motion sensor system will detect any moving object and keep your house completely safe. This LED floodlight is really worth the money that anyone should invest at least one for your house. More than 27,000 Amazon customers have used it and nearly 90% totally are satisfied.  

FAQs about outdoor LED flood light fixtures

Why is it called LED flood light?

While regular LED light bulbs are usually used indoors to lighten rooms in your house, LED floodlights are LED lights with high intensity and wattage, and the main locations where LED floodlights are typically installed are in public and large areas. The lights are likely to “flood” space with brightness for commercial or safety purposes.

Are LED floodlights as bright as halogen counterparts?

Sure. Although LED floodlights use less wattage than halogen counterparts, it doesn’t mean LED floodlights are not as bright as these traditional bulbs. The brightness of a light is measured by a lumen indicator, not the wattage. For instance, a 30W LED flood light can deliver nearly 3000 lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 100W halogen alternative. 

Therefore, if you are about to replace the halogen bulb with the LED flood light, don’t hesitate. This economical solution will save you tons of money on electric bills every year.

Can I dim outdoor LED floodlights?

Yes, outdoor LED flood light fixtures can be dimmable in case you want to put some moods to the large space that has LED floodlights installed. However, just like other indoor LED light bulbs, not all of them are equipped with this feature. Therefore, when you look for a dimmable LED flood light, be careful to check the specification on the package of the product, or ask the salesman if that light is packed with this feature or not. 

Can I use outdoor LED floodlights at home?

LED flood bulbs are ideal to be installed at home, but not inside your home. As the name of this LED type, it will work outdoors, in the garden, front yard, or backyard. Thanks to the high-intensity brightness, LED floodlights will provide your home with perfect security at night, or lighten up the barbecue and outdoor party when you have relatives and friends around.  

Moreover, when using LED floodlights, you don’t have to worry about the annoying insects that are usually attracted by the light at night. The reason is these species prefer UV light, which is not what LED lights emit to the surrounding. 

In addition, if you can afford the PIR motion sensor, it would be great. The LED floodlight with PIR will protect your house completely by detecting anyone who tries to break into your house. 


Exterior LED floodlights are ideal to brighten up large areas with the high-intensity light outcome, but still, save your money on electric bills. There are various brands offering LED floodlights with different functions and designs, so be a wise consumer to choose the best outdoor LED floodlights that fit all your expectations. 

Keep in mind the aforementioned factors that will affect your purchasing decision and our recommendations for the best outdoor LED flood light fixtures. The best overall is GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor. Otherwise, you can consider other options, such as Amico 3500LM LED Security Light, Onforu 50W LED Security Light, AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb, CINOTON 50W LED Flood Light Outdoor, and LEPOWER 3000LM LED Flood light Outdoor. Don’t forget the most modern but pricey choice: Ring Floodlight Camera Motion.

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