The 10 Best Outdoor Light For Trees of June 2023

For years, the outdoors has been one of my favorite places to be. From camping to fishing, and even just being outside for a few hours on a day like today, I love being able to get some exercise, have a good book or two read, and hang out with my family. However, as crazy as it may seem, it’s becoming more difficult and expensive for me to go out in the rain or snow alone. As a result, if I can find a nice tree that is strong enough to support its own weight (which most often means it’s gonna be an oak), then that’s where I’ll be putting my outdoor lights. This article will review my top 5 recommendations for the best outdoor light for trees in 2018 – so far!

Top Best Outdoor Light For Trees Reviews


How do you illuminate an outdoor tree?

The best way to highlight the trunk is to select bulbs that are close in size and shape to each other. You can also highlight trees with a tight beam spread, which will make it easier to focus on the trunk.

To highlight the tree's branches and foliage, you can use larger bulbs that cover more area. For example, if you're looking for bright green leaves on a dark branch, you can select large green leaves. If you want bright flowers on dark branches, you can select large flowers. And if you want deep purple shadows around lights in your room, go big or go home!

What are the best outdoor tree lights?

The best lights for outdoor trees are those that are bright enough to illuminate the branches without being too much of a light on the ground. The best lights for outdoor trees should have low light output and should be flexible enough to fit into any environment.
The string lights, hanging lanterns and solar lights all have their own unique qualities that make them great lighting options for trees. Bug zapping lights can be used in conjunction with other types of lighting or at their own pace, so they're perfect for places where you don't want a lot of light shining on your tree but still want it to look nice. Decorative lights can be used in different ways depending on what they're best suited for, so they're perfect if you need something that looks different from what you've got going on in your room or house.

How many lumens do I need to uplight a tree?

For smaller trees up to 1 story or 6-10 feet, opt for 80-120 lumens. For medium-sized trees up to 2 stories, go with 140-180 lumens. For larger trees up to 3 stories require 230-270 lumens.

For 20 minutes of illumination on a full charge, you'll get around 150 lumen (or 100 with low light). That's enough light for your eyes and body to function normally.

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